Signature Car Hire Marques Never Compromised and Shot on Location


Have you ever had that terrible experience in which you have been awaiting, in keen anticipation, the purchase of a product you have yearned for, only to find that it is not of the quality you expected? We all have been there – and that sinking feeling of disappointment is never one associated with the Signature Car Hire experience.

Signature Car Hire owner and CEO, Dee Bhatia, is not shy to broadcast the absolute importance he lays upon customer service and satisfaction, and such an ethos is exuberated throughout the world of luxury car hire beyond our doors. The majority of our team’s time is focused on creating the Signature premium experience our clients have come to know and expect, and we would want it no other way. Naturally, an eagle eye is kept over our car hire fleet, consisting of the striking marques you have and will hire from us, and all cars are maintained to the highest standard so as to not compromise your luxury car hire journey in any way.


In order to empower our clients to access our car hire fleet and check its degree of excellence, Signature Car Hire photograph and film each of our models on site, in our very own Experience Centre. In this way, a maximum level of trust is built between you and ourselves. How? You know the cars available are truly owned by us, and never outsourced; the high level of maintenance and cleanliness to which the cars are kept is clearly visible in our videos and pictures, identifying the exact condition of which our clients will hire the cars; our clients can rest assured that no stock photos exist in our portfolio, only true to life, current pictures of the real and fascinating cars parked within our showroom.

Take our Audi A5 Sportback, for example. The Audi A5 Sportback is a car that you would see on the road more often than our Lamborghini Huracán, of course; however, Signature Car Hire does not just own any regular car that may pass you by on a week by week basis. Our Everyday Hire Car fleet is treated to the same, thorough detailing and valet care that our Lamborghini Huracán would receive. Every single one of our marques is consistently checked to ensure that all is in perfect working order, as well as being maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness and show. Taking this into account, our team invest in having the car hire fleet pictured onsite, in order to showcase the hard endeavours constantly taking place behind the scenes, to make sure that any performance car, executive car, 4×4 or everyday car you choose to hire is handed over to you and surpasses expectation.

It is an integral element of our service to ensure that there is simply no doubt that Signature Car Hire will deliver on our ever-present promise of excellence.

On this note, we await your visit to Signature Car Hire; with us, the car you hire is the car you receive – no offer of a preferred car “or similar” with us. Come on down to our London showroom, and Make your Marque.