Signature Car Hire Welcome Everyday Car Hire Models to our Fleet

Audi-a5-signature-car-hire-1’We here at Signature Car Hire are renowned for our superior level of customer service and satisfaction, and its vitality to our business is breathed within the bones of our brand. This year, we are absolutely thrilled to launch our brand new Everyday Car Hire service, offering a range of cars available for rent that can be used in day-to-day scenarios and settings. This ensures that all of our prospective customers have the opportunity to experience, not only a fantastically gorgeous self-drive experience, but along with it, the Signature Experience.

All of our Marques, as with our Performance Car Hire and Executive Car Hire fleet, will be of the highest quality in terms of both performance and specification. This range, however, has been introduced to offer our clients everyday style cars for hire, opening up the opportunity to hire a car in London more frequently, and at keen prices. It also provides our clients the platform to hire a car without drawing too much attention to them.

Which Cheeky Everyday Rides Lurk Within Signature’s Showroom?
Our latest additions to our Everyday Car Hire fleet take the beautiful forms of the Audi A5 Sportback Black Edition Plus and the Audi Q5 S Line Plus Quattro S Tronic.

The Audi A5, with a focus on sleek and stylish, mixes the perfect blend of performance, capability and practicality within its Coupe body format, forming your perfect candidate for your everyday hire. Our Marque is a limited edition, with an additional interior and body kit, bursting with luxury optional extras, including the ultimate Bang and Olufson sound system, and Audi’s famous flat-bottomed sports steering wheel, with those all important paddle shifts lurking just behind. Not forgetting the power in your hands as you take the wheel, our Audi A5 will take you from 0-62 MPH in an impressive 8.2 seconds, with a force of 173 BHP.

The Audi Q5 packs a punch in its mid-size SUV format, oozing premium and luxury throughout its impeccable body styling and interior design. The long wheelbase provides enhanced agility and capability on the roads, uncompromised by the undoubted height of the ride. Our Audi Q5’s Quattro four-wheel-drive system will make it a popular choice during our winter months, with the Q5 not blinking a headlamp at the frost, snow or storms that send us running for the hills. For serious off-roading, though, we do recommend our full-size Range Rovers.

Audi-a5-signature-car-hire-8There Really Is No Excuse
We are proud to present our brand new Everyday Car Hire fleet and are very much looking forward to showcasing our cars to you on your next visit to Signature Car Hire. Of course, when you do decide to Make your Marque with one of our Everyday Car Hire models, we will be delighted to invite you into our Experience Centre, where you can meet our ferocious car hire fleet, consisting of Ferrari’s to Bentley’s to Lamborghini’s. How can you resist such automotive temptation?

Take hold of the wheel, get your hand on that gear stick, and make your Marque with the right Everyday Car Hire for you.