Signature Car Hire’s European Chauffeur Service

Signature Chauffeurs and fleetWhether it’s for work or play, there’s an undeniable thrill to overseas travel. Particularly when you’re on holiday and you have exotic beaches, strange cities and new cuisines awaiting you. What can really take the shine off your travel experience, however, is the struggle of getting from A to B, particularly if your route is multi-stage or off the beaten track. Car hire is particularly problematic, and if you’re doing the driving yourself you have to deal with finding the car hire office, potentially not getting the car you ordered – a common complaint amongst those who use standard foreign car hire services – and then negotiating unknown roads, probably on the wrong side! Even booking a chauffeur service can be problematic: not only do you have to research trusted companies in your desired area, but then you have to negotiate exactly how far they can take you, as many companies will only operate within certain limits.

Signature Chauffeur and Client

With our European car hire service, however, all this effort is removed. All you, or your staff, have to do is make one phone call and we’ll plan a luxury chauffeur service that will cover every stage of your itinerary – regardless of what your destination is, or how you prefer to get there. We’ll send a car to collect you from wherever your plane, train, helicopter or cruise ship drops you, allowing you to sit back and relax while our expert drivers take you to your destination. Here’s how it can work in practice:

One of our clients recently needed to make a return trip from London to Dubai. For the first part of the journey, our Signature chauffeur picked him up and took him to Heathrow airport. When he arrived in Dubai, our affiliate chauffeur company collected him and transported him in luxury and comfort to his destination. Once there, the company also made sure that all his needs were catered for throughout his stay.


When the visit was over and the client had flown back to Heathrow, he was welcomed by another of our trusted chauffeurs and transported back to his home. To create this smooth experience that ensured her boss got to his destination in the most comfortable and quickest way possible, all his secretary had to do was make one phone call to Signature. We managed the booking from start to finish, leaving her to bask in her boss’s praises!

Our car hire service for Europe is fully bespoke, so no matter how convoluted your travel plans are, or how far you are planning to travel, we can provide a solution that bears the Signature hallmarks of quality and style. Not only can our logistics experts get your car to you, in the right country, at the right time, but we can also ensure that all the drivers speak English. If air travel between destinations is more convenient, we can also talk you through our options for helicopter or private jet hire. If there are parts of your trip that you haven’t yet arranged, for example where to stay overnight en route to your destination, we can also make recommendations based on our local knowledge – and even make those bookings for you.

Not only does our bespoke service ensure that your travels go smoothly, but also that your payment will too, thanks to our all-inclusive invoicing system. Rather than presenting you with multiple bills for each service, you will receive one monthly invoice detailing all your charges in GBP – no currency exchange needed!

Signature Chauffeur Open Door and Client

This will list any excess charges that may apply (tolls, car parking, etc). We also have a 24 hour service desk for international bookings meaning that, no matter what the time difference, you’ll always get through to one of our helpful staff members.

Anyone who has previously used Signature’s European Car Hire will know all about our passion for cars, and this is reflected in our international chauffeur fleet. We’ll always offer you the greatest possible range of vehicles, and will work with you to ensure that your car is the one best suited to your needs and preferences. Regardless of their marque, all of our affiliate’s cars are the latest model and highest possible specification. In car Wi-Fi is standard across most of our affiliate services, as are those essential travelling extras such as chilled water and magazines.

With so many positives to international chauffeuring, including convenience, comfort and privacy, isn’t it time you took your international travel to the next level? Call our team today to discuss your bespoke chauffeur experience.