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Signature Detailing Rescues the Rolls

Rolls Royce Phantom Saloon Series II Goodwood 2012We’ve had hundreds of customers through the doors since we launched our new detailing service. Whether people were looking for a quick quality spruce up or a thorough clean of everything – including the engine -, we’ve been delighted to provide them the top quality service for which Signature is renowned.

Some cars, of course, are more of a challenge than others, and one of the jobs we’re most proud of so far is the work we did on the Rolls Royce Phantom Saloon Series II. Avid followers of the motoring press may remember that this car was unveiled at the 2012 Goodwood Moving Motor Show and used as a test car for press and VIPs. The key thing that differentiated this car from the general Series II, which was launched at the Geneva Motor Show earlier on in 2012, was the body paint: blue velvet sparkle.

rolls-royce-phantom-saloon-sSeries- II-7 (2)This beautiful car certainly made a good impression on its distinguished passengers in 2012, but has not had the TLC it truly deserved since. By the time it came to us it was in desperate need of some professional care and attention and, as you can see from the photograph, looked nothing like the famous car it had once been. We gave the car the full Signature detailing service: extensive attention to the exterior and interior, as well as a thorough clean under the bonnet.

We were overjoyed to see this beautiful car come back to life, and hope that the picture of the results speaks for itself. For details of all our detailing services, click here.