Getting to know Signatures’s Chauffeur Specialist Randeep Sohal

In this Second Edition of ‘Inside-Line’ we interview Signatures Chauffeur Specialist Randeep Sohal.

Randeep joined Signature in February 2011 and is heading up the company’s expansion into driven  services. We kicked off his time in the hot seat with the question most staff members seem most eager to be asked…

“Hi Randeep, and welcome to Inside Line! So here’s your opportunity to tell us – What’s your favourite car from the Signature Chauffeur Fleet?

Randeep: (laughs)…Well! Now I actually think about it that question’s tougher than I thought! Especially with the recent exciting new car orders and deliveries. Ok, decision – I’ll say the Rolls Royce Ghost.


IL: Why?

Randeep: It’s just the ultimate mode of transport in my opinion. It’s both a gentleman and a monster. Ultra smooth and refined, yet devastatingly powerful at the same time. Next week I’ll probably give you a different answer though! But I guess that’s the beauty of car hire for my clients – they can book whatever takes their fancy!

IL: There have been a few changes to the Signature Chauffeur Service recently, anything to do with you?

Randeep: All the recent changes to our Chauffeur Service offering are designed to benefit my clients – whether new vehicle additions, wider route coverage’s, or closer relations with concierge (etc). All of these changes have involved contributions from the entire team, both in concept and execution. I am very lucky to be working for a company whose management actively encourage everyone within the organisation to feed-back customer comments and contribute new ideas.

 IL: What does your typical day look like?

Randeep: My day starts with a nice cup of Tea to get the day off to a good start. I check my emails to see if anything important has come in this morning/overnight. I spend the day taking calls and answering emails to clients requesting information on chauffeur hire. This could be immediate bookings or in the future. I then usually spend the latter parts of my day contacting Close Protection companies and Concierges that we work with to see how jobs went and how we can market what we are doing better than we already are.

IL: What’s your favourite movie?

Randeep: You’re probably expecting ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ or something! Really, I quite like action movies. Settled in the back of the Ghost watching the new Bond movie would be heaven!

IL: Do you have any celebrity clients?

Randeep: Yes, lots. We can count VIP’s, film stars, business leaders, diplomats and royalty as our clientele, although we take client confidentiality very seriously and have a policy of never divulging names or details – so don’t ask!

IL: What is your earliest automotive memory?

My dad’s D reg Mercedes 190E in Red. I remember thinking how this car was amazing. Even then, Mercedes were leaders in the executive market and still are I feel over marques like BMW and Audi. Maybe my Director agrees as we only stock Mercedes when it comes to executive vehicles.

IL: What sets Signature apart from other chauffeur companies?

Randeep: In my experience a chauffeuring service is easy to offer, but very hard to do properly. Clients tend to be more demanding, and the driver factor adds a whole new dimension to the service. We here at Signature choose our drivers very carefully. They need to have experience, etiquette and know how to treat a client, whether it be someone on a night out on the town or a VVIP. A lot of companies out there are chauffeuring clients in pre-facelift model vehicles. That’s one thing the sets Signature apart from these companies.

We keep our fleet new and are continuously updated on a 2 year basis so that we have the latest vehicles. Being able to offer the best to our clients and extending our chauffeur services by supplying CPO’s, tour packages and concierge services. Our level of services sets us apart from everyone out there.

IL: What part of your job do you enjoy most?

Randeep: The job can be quite stressful at times but it’s very important that all the hustle and bustle remains ‘behind the scenes’ – I prefer customers to see a graceful swan gliding across the water, not the feet paddling frantically below the surface! So I get a tremendous sense of satisfaction when I get praise from happy clients telling me how calmly, efficiently and professionally they’ve been dealt with!

IL: Its your birthday. Where would you tell the driver to take you?

 Randeep: If it’s my birthday i’m going to want to celebrate with friends, so I’d take the Luxury Viano.  This vehicle provides TV’s, music system, massage seats, fridge and is very roomy. Having been out in this vehicle already, I know that it ticks all the boxes for those looking to celebrate an occasion as the party can start or continue in the vehicle.

IL: How long does it take to prepare a vehicle for a chauffeur client?

Randeep: We have vehicles situated daily within Central London so we can have a vehicle with a client within 15 minutes. Vehicles are maintained and valeted on a daily basis so all vehicles are ready to go even if hired at the last minute.

IL: What makes a great chauffeur?

Randeep: Our chauffeurs will probably see this so I better be kind! Professionalism is key to this. Experience of driving within London and knowing the key places clients like going. Most importantly, knowing how to speak to a client. Every client is different. Some are talkative, some are quiet. A client is paying for a service and Signature prides themselves on going the extra mile to provide the best possible service from start to finish. That’s from when we first answer a call or email at the office to when our client is dropped off to their final destination by our chauffeur. Our aim is to make this entire service seamless for them. Our drivers are the face of our company and the most important thing for us is to make sure the client is happy. After all, a client will remember the service provided to them by our driver and in turn we’d hope that this will make them hire from us again in the future.

IL: Tell me about your life away from the office, how do you relax?

Randeep: I like to go home, take my shoes off, sit in front of the TV and wind down for an hour or so after work. Then family time begins with my parents and wife. On weekends I like to socialise with friends and family. Sundays are spent with an early morning football game followed by watching football on TV. I’m a keen football fanatic.

 IL: What lessons has your work life taught you?

Randeep: to know how to manage things in life, have an order to doing things. Knowing to handle your emotions and putting things aside to making sure you know who comes first.

 IL: What do you think of the boss!??

Randeep: He is a very kind and generous person… cough cough! To be honest, Dee is more like a friend than a boss. As busy as he is as the Director of many companies, he’s always there if I need him for advice and considering I’ve only been here since February 2011, to give me the opportunity to handle Signature’s chauffeuring division is a privilege that I’m grateful for.

 IL: If you could drive any person alive or dead who would it be and where would you go?

Randeep: Kim Kardasshian and I’ve heard Monaco’s nice. Don’t tell the Mrs. 😉

 IL: Are you a secret driving singer?

Randeep: Do I sing in the car? Yes! But only when i’m on my own. I used to sing back in school at talent shows but gave that up. So I’ll often be humming or tapping at work to songs and get told to be quiet by the rest of the team.

 IL: Hiring the world’s finest vehicles is a treat for many customers. How do you treat yourself?

Randeep: I like to switch off from work and spend time with my friends and family over a nice drink with some music in the background. Although, I still have my work phone with me and am available 24/7 for clients should they need me.

 IL: What do you want for Christmas?

Randeep: I’m hoping Dee will surprise me with the keys to the new 2012 Bentley GTC V8 that we have here at Signature or our new Range Rover Sport 3.0 TDV6 with Overfinch Alloys. I’m a fan of both and these are my dream cars to own. The plus point is considering the weather we’ve had in this country over the last couple of winter months, nothing can beat a 4 wheel drive vehicle.





IL: Who are your hero’s?

Randeep: My dad. I look at how hard he’s worked and what he’s achieved over his life. I get a lot of my attributes from him and it’s something I’m very appreciative of. This is something that helps me with my day to day work.

 IL: What’s your favourite sport?

Randeep: Football. I’m a keen player on a Sunday morning. Nothing better to get rid of a Saturday night hangover.