Signature’s Huracán Creates a Storm

signature-car-hire-huracan-hireSignature’s second Lamborghini Huracán hire car had only been in the building a few hours before it was out on its first hire.

Lyall, pictured here with our Huracán, is a huge supercar fan and already owns his own 458 Spyder and McLaren; but he was keen to be one of the first thrill seekers in the UK to get behind the wheel of a Huracán and so had to hire our powerful LP 610-4 as soon as it arrived into the Experience Centre.

Assistant Fleet Manager Tim Page took the car to Roehamptom to drop off the car personally and carefully explained to our client all the key features of the car to ensure he could max out on his supercar experience. Tim said “the client was physically shaking with excitement and keen to get his first drive in our new Huracán. He said after seeing it that he fall in love and buy his own and add it to his own performance car fleet” Our client also loved the number plate, which is the finishing touch that Signature loves to add.

If you have always dreamt of driving a high performance supercar then now’s your chance to be one of the first to drive this awesome beast. With 0-6 in 3.0s seconds and a top speed of 202mph, it is no wondered this car acquired the name Huracán. Call us today on 0845 370 2222 to take your first step into the supercar dream drive.