Simple Concepts to Become a Better Leader

signature-car-hire-teamLeading your team to success is not a simple task; however, in order to be a successful leader, you must never forget the simple things. Here are my top tips to integrate within your everyday work pattern, in order to maximise your potential as the Captain at the helm of your ship.

  1. Listening

Listening is at the foundation of any solid relationship; if you do not listen to what the other party wants, you are never going to glean what you need from them – whether they are your customer or your employee. Listening ensures you are aware of your teams needs, challenges, likes, dislikes; whatever it is on the lips of your employees, it is valuable. It is a key to ensuring that you know what is required of you to keep your team happy, productive, and within your company. Of course, once you have listened, do not forget to act.

  1. Storytelling

staffStorytelling – it sounds a strange one, but storytelling is imperative in captivating attention and gaining your employee’s buy-in. If you assign a task without creating belief that it can work, you have lost half of the battle already. Use your wealth of experience and examples to instill confidence in your team that your ideas really work.

  1. Authenticity

There is not a chance that you will ever be as successful as your potential will allow if you are not yourself; humanity, humility, and genuineness are all strong hallmarks of a great leader. Your team will relate to you, and find you approachable and trustworthy, thus leading to a strong desire and willingness to please you through productivity.

  1. Team-playing

No matter how large or small your team, you must constantly work to ensure that all parties are able to co-operate and work towards one goal together if you are to meet success. Create a culture of celebration within your organisation – celebration of success, of difference, whatever it may be to encourage your team to play the game together.

  1. Adaptability

deeIn this day and age, no matter what business or trade you are in, I have no doubt you will experience a constantly changing environment. Flexibility is imperative within our workplaces; your employees will inevitably have to request it here and there, and it will stand you in good stead to extend it. The moment your team feel they have to beg, steal and borrow to get what they need, is the moment they will begin to look elsewhere. Not only this, but feeding a culture of adaptability will propel your own business forward in leaps and bounds in such an ever-changing market.

If you had not noticed, all these tips lead you down a path of, basically, being likeable. Remember to take time each day specifically for the individuals in your team, and show true appreciation for their work. By showing others the same courtesy you expect from them, you will gain the respect of your employees, your customers and your business partners.

It seems simple, but it takes a concerted effort every day; adopt these key concepts, and you will, without doubt, be a better leader.