Sports Version of the Bentayga to go on sale in 2016

bentley_bentayga_coupe_df21The first ever Bentley Bentayga has only just rolled off the production line in Crewe – destined for no less a customer than Her Majesty The Queen– but that hasn’t stopped Bentley announcing what they’re planning next for the hyper-luxury SUV.

That plan revolves around a sports version of the Bentayga, something that’s quite surprising given that the current version already has a top speed of 187MPH and a 0-62MPH time of just 4 seconds. The sports version, however, is due to have more power and dramatic new styling, to improve its aerodynamicism and make it faster.

According to Bentley product line director Peter Guest, the car will be “much more biased towards on-road performance. But it will still have four doors and four seats. It might not have as much luggage space as the Bentayga. But it will be much more aggressively styled, a lot faster, a lot more dramatic.”

bentley_bentayga_coupe_df23The car may be seen, in concept form at least, as early as the Geneva motor show next March. Although details are scarce, it’s safe to assume that the car will feature a tweaked version of the current six litre W12, bigger wheels and a re-jigged suspension. It’s also likely that off-road performance may slightly decline as a result, but then we imagine that buyers of the sports version will be much more concerned with what it can do on the road in any case.

Although we’ll have to wait until next year for further details, the car promises to be an exciting addition to the SUV world. Nor are Bentley going to stop there: a turbodiesel version and an electric/petrol version will also go on sale in the next 12-18 months. It looks like 2016 may well and truly be the year of the Bentley Bentayga!