Spy Photos of the New Porsche Boxster Reveal Streamlined Model for 2016

porsche_boxster_faceliftSpies for an automotive magazine (who seem to be as intrepid as their counterparts in the secret services) have captured images of the 2016 Porsche Boxster with minimal camouflage on its new body. The car has been slightly streamlined, with additional changes to the designs of the air intakes, front bumper and rear and front lights. Porsche have also promised interior upgrades, particularly to the materials used in the two seat cabin, as well as their latest touchscreen infotainment system. We don’t know whether further refinements, such as the driving mode selector from the 911, will also make it into the final version.

porsche_boxster_facelift-sideIn terms of power, for the first time the Boxster will be given a four cylinder engine rather than the standard flat six configuration that many Porsche fans know and love. The new flat four engine will be turbocharged and help Porsche reach those tricky European emissions targets. This follows the pattern set by the revamped Porsche Cayman last year.

Critics are suggesting that the introduction of turbocharging will considerably raise the power output, with some predicting at least 250BHP from the lowest Boxster model, 300BHp from the S model and more than 350BHp from the GTS. Boxster Spyder drivers, however, will probably still be treated to the naturally aspirated flat six engine and all the gorgeous sounds that produces.

The recharged Porsche Boxster is expected to be revealed in all its glory early next year. Can’t wait this long to sit behind the wheel of a Porsche? You don’t have to…..just take a look at our fleet of self-drive hire Porsche supercars!