Student Creates Fantastic Rendering of what the Ferrari 488 GTO Could Look Like

While many people are still talking about the exciting new Ferrari 488 Spider, previewed at Frankfurt, there are many Ferrari fans waiting for something a little different. A performance orientated, track version of the 488 to be exact, something that is guaranteed to be snapped up by supercar fans in an instant.

Although there’s no official word on the possibilities of this happening, one keen engineering student, Marco Renna, has created stunning images of what it might look like. Rendering the car in red and yellow, he has created a streamlined version of the 488 by the process of ‘subtraction’ – quite simply reshaping the current lines to achieve more pronounced profiles and greater aerodynamics.

In particular, he has heavily modified the front of the car and excavated larger parts of the bonnet which complement improved air intakes. Fans of Formula 1 will see how the vehicle’s front takes inspiration from F1 cars past and present. The side of his imagined Ferrari features a double “fin” in the lower part of the side skirts to concentrate the air flows generated by the front wheels. The new black-finish alloys also have reclined brakes to lower the centre of gravity during braking.

At the rear of Renna’s 488 GTO is a new larger spoiler and a bigger diffuser, as well as a re-designed grille. Part of his design is that the diffuser has electronically moveable elements.

Although imaginary, the car even has engine details: a twin turbo 3.9 litre V8 that’s been modified to produce 703 horsepower. Given that it’s also lost 90KG thanks to the extensive use of lightweight materials, we expect it would move pretty fast, too.

We will wait to see whether or not Ferrari develop a real 488 GTO, but they could do much worse than take Renna’s wonderful designs on board if they do.