Supercar News Round-up

midbar-banner6_md43_1-1024x341Embarrassed About Renting a Supercar? Dont’ be – Everyone’s Doing it. 
Have you ever thought about hiring a supercar, but been embarrassed by the prospect of driving a beautiful car you don’t own? Don’t be – over four fifths of UK adults would do exactly the same thing! According to new research, 81% of Britons think it’s better to hire a luxury car than buy one. The reasons for this are simple: hiring allows you to have a high spec luxury car for a fraction of its price, and to avoid all the maintenance and depreciation charges that hit owners. Best of all, you can swap your car for another model as often as you like!

Are you Sitting in a Fortune?
You may have noticed that supercar manufacturers have been bringing out a lot of special editions of late. While these cars are often amazing in themselves, what’s even more amazing is that the price of some of them skyrockets as soon as the model is released. So how do you know if you could quite literally be sitting in a fortune? A lot of it comes down to the prestige of the marque, the number of cars made and the reason for the special edition.

aston-martin-vanquishThought the DB11 was Good? Meet the new Aston Martin Vanquish S
Remember when the DB11 seemed so shiny and new? With the latest Bond film now gathering dust on your DVD shelf, those days are long gone and its now time for Aston’s next offering – the successor to their ever-popular Vanquish.

The new Vanquish S is distinct from the DB11 in a number of ways, not least the styling – this new car is much more aggressive than the elegant DB11, with exposed carbon fibre and noticeable spoilers. With around 600BHP, a 3.5 second 0-60MPH time and a quicker gearbox, this car has a lot going for it.