Supercar news round-up

p14McLaren P14 pics get leaked on the internet

The car internally known as the P14 – aka McLaren’s successor to the 650s, is due to debut at Geneva in March. If you can’t stand to wait that long, however, then don’t worry, pictures have been leaked on the internet displaying the new car’s prominent aerodynamic bodywork, smoother panels and altered roofline. We look forward to seeing more of this innovative car in a few weeks time.



Check out the gorgeous convertible Vanquish S and Volante

Pics have just been released of the drop-top Vanquish S and Volante models, both of which are closely based on their hard-top siblings. Alongside the all-important electronic folding roof comes an extra 27bhp from the 5.9litre V12 engine, a .3 second faster 0-100 KPH time and a shinier exhaust system. A few carbon fibre design details have been sprinkled on the outside too. All versions of the cars are available to purchase now – time to dust down the credit card?

lotusFestival of Speed theme announced

Everyone loves the Festival of Speed, often described as the ‘world’s best motorsports garden party’. This year’s event will take place between June 29 and July 2, and the theme has just been announced as ‘Peaks of Performance – Motorsport’s Game-Changers’. As Goodwood themselves say: “for the 25th running of this unique event that every year attracts the finest race and rally – and two-wheeled – kit that ever turned a wheel, we’re inviting those cars and bikes that were so good the rules were tweaked or rewritten to give rivals a chance.” Tickets are on sale now and are selling faster than Nico Rosberg.