The Best of the Tokyo Motor Show

The Tokyo Motor Show is a fairly unique event on the motorshow circuit. Although it showcases the best of the forthcoming road cars, it also has a reputation for being the home of the wackiest concept cars going. To give you a flavour of the 44th Tokyo Motor Show we’ve selected three of the best forthcoming cars at the show, as well as three of the best concept cars. Tell us which you like best in the comments!
New Releases

miniMini Cooper S Convertible
The world premiere of this car took place at Tokyo, and critics were quick to praise its more rigid body, bigger boot and better standard equipment. Open top Minis have proved very popular in the past, so this is guaranteed to be a winner when it’s on sale in March 2016.




porschePorsche Macan GTS
Porsche have given the much-loved Macan a GTS boost, and the results look highly promising. It’s a very driver-focused car, with sports car handling and an impressive 0-62MPH time of just 5 seconds despite it being an SUV.




audiAudi R8 V10 Plus
It may have only been the Japanese premiere of this stunning car, but heads still turned. This second generation Audi R8 is the fastest and most dynamic Audi road-car ever, with a new, largely aluminium, body, a revised engine and a seriously competitive 0-60MPH time.




Concept cars

mercedesMercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo
Looking a bit like an angry 737 without wings, this Mercedes concept was supposed to represent the future of luxurious, electric autonomous driving. Designed to be “a chill-out zone in the midst of megacity traffic mayhem” it boasted a retractable driver’s seat and steering wheel as well as in-car holograms.




Toyoda Gosei FlesbyToyoda Gosei Flesby
Ever thought there must be a kinder way to hit pedestrians with your car? Meet the Toyoda Gosei Flesby, a car where the airbag is outside. It looks a bit like someone has stapled a lot of green cushions to a very small car, but in fact it’s a technological marvel. Ish. Using an array of sensors, it inflates the entire chassis into an airbag when it suspects a collision is imminent. It’s also kind to people in the cabin – the interior senses your mood and adjusts the lighting, mood and even smell to make sure you’re always calm. Even when your car has just morphed into a giant beanbag.


mazdaMazda RX-Vision
This sleek looking car is perhaps the sexiest of the concepts, and has the most interest engine. The RX-Vision is powered by a concept powertrain, the Skyactive-R rotary engine, which creates power by spinning rotors.  It’s not a new idea – Mazda themselves used it to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1991 – but it’s certainly an interesting one.