The complex structure of the Ferrari factory

It’s not every day that you can see behind the scenes of Ferrari, but The Telegraph was given exclusive access to the factory that produces Ferrari supercars. It’s clearly something that has taken a lot of time, effort and execution to get just right. The factory is located in Maranello, near Bologna, which has been the home of Ferrari since Enzo Ferrari moved production facilities to this location in 1942. The industrial building reflects the strength and innovation you might expect to see in their cars.

The factory at Maranello has individual production lines where craftsmen work together to build every Ferrari supercar by hand. It’s this attention to detail with the handmade effort that makes these cars so special. Mechanical lifts hold the cars in place in order to move them from each checkpoint so that the car can be built. These lifts can rotate the cars so that work can be carried out safely on the underside. The process is done for efficiency but also for quality control as well. The assembly lines are divided between two floors separating the V8s and the V12s.

Each Ferrari leaves the factory has been personalised to each customers requirements. With over 3,000 employees at the Maranello factory, Ferrari is producing beautiful cars that continue to challenge buyers and enthusiasts around the world. Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo says the innovative factory is “the result of unity, passion and determination… with the maximum attention paid to the workplace, the product, marketing and trends”.

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