The Graceful Little Goddess

Symbol of luxury, beauty and grace, the Spirit of Ecstasy has adorned every Rolls-Royce for the last one hundred years.

Mystic has always surrounded the Spirit of Ecstasy. Some believe she might be modelled on Eleanor Thornton, the secret lover of motoring pioneer Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, but no one knows for sure.

In 1911 Lord Montagu commissioned his friend Charles Sykes to sculpt a personal mascot for his Rolls Royce  and  the result was the Spirit of Ecstasy, one of the most recognisable icons of all time.
From this moment onwards the goodness has changed shapes several times, but her unique power to intrigue and inspire has never deminished.

Last year the Spirit of Ecstasy celebrated her centenary and Rolls Royce produced a special shape of the mascot in celebration. Using computer technology, the legendary figurine was recreated, restoring the lost detail to the Spirit of Ecstasy that sits atop the latest generation of Phantom.

The Spirit of Ecstasy means different things to different people but to the designers and engineers at Rolls Royce, she symbolised the uncompromising pursuit of perfection that goes in every car they produce.

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