The luxury BMW-9 Series

379732News travels fast especially when it comes to BMW. The Beijing Motor Show looks like it is set to be the scene for the reveal of the extremely lush BMW-9 Series. This is a step into the world of ultra-luxury concept cars where ideas and luxury mesh together to create an entirely new and unique driving experience.

The 9’s design is probably going to be based on the Pininfarina Gran Lusso V12 Coupe. With a great platform like this, this concept car is showing that BMW is completely focused to take on competitors such as Bentley and Rolls-Royce. The few details that have leaked about the car include luxurious interior and exterior styling that will make the 9 series look bigger and better than the 7 series. The images show the exterior styling of the 9 series as something that will take on German rival Mercedes-Benz while keeping the essence of BMW intact.

How luxurious is the BMW-9 Series in your opinion?