The McLaren Electric Hypercar Set to Take the Electric Motoring World by Storm


The McLaren EV is due to join the luxury line-up of the McLaren family and, according to CEO Mike Flewitt, is set to become “the most exciting sports car yet” from the brand.

The new electric McLaren hypercar will join the “Ultimate Series” as a pure EV and will be able to withstand twenty to thirty minutes of track use with a minimum range of at least three hundred miles; a test mule of the Marque is now under development based around the old MP4 12C Coupé to test and achieve these statistics.

According to the brand, the shift into electric motoring is due to enhance the McLaren driving experience like never before – musical reassurance to our ears. Flewitt confidently commented:

“We’re not going to present an electric sports car with an apology that says ‘sorry it’s not as exciting as your V8’. When we present an electric sports car it’s going to be the most exciting sports car we’ve ever launched.”

The brand promises to focus on entertainment as opposed to transport; McLaren feels that, currently, other electric vehicles offer just that – an electric drive – and not much more. It seems the McLaren EV will not simply, tepidly simmer away in the market in the same way, but instead, take the electric motoring world by storm.

mclaren-ev-2It will, most certainly, be interesting to see how McLaren handles and distribute the weight of the car. At the moment, a huge debate exists as to how electric power can be added without compromising the car’s performance. Moreover, McLaren prides themselves on lightweight construction, utilising and valuing this in their current models. The next few years will, indeed, be spent on perfecting the weight and performance of the McLaren EV and truly ensuring it is the most riveting McLaren to hit the roads, electric and all.

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