The New Concept Car Designs You Need to Know About

Concept cars are something that keeps enthusiasts, owners and collectors excited about the twists and turns of the automotive industry. Ferrari keeps things crisp and fresh with their ideas for concept cars. One of the most interesting ideas to be inspired by Ferrari is an example by Christophe Jourd’hui, a design student.

Ferrari Getto
Jourd’hui has come up with a sparkling concept car called the Getto, which coincidentally means Jet in Italian. It is seen as a model for 2025 and it definitely has the futuristic elements that you would expect. Jourd’hui is an accomplished automotive designer and it shows in his rendering of what the Getto could be. What a truly stunning concept it is from the sharp lines of the exterior to the black roof top that hints to an interior that matches what it could offer. As the pictures show, the Getto looks imposing when it is stationary but the aggressive exterior makes the car look aerodynamic when viewers imagine it in motion. The aviation influence of this concept car is seen through the cockpit of the Getto.

Lamborghini Ganador
Mohammad Hossein Amini Yekta is another superstar design student who is turning heads with his concept car for Lamborghini called Ganador. It is no coincidence that this sleek car rhymes with Lamborghini’s popular Aventador. This design project was done in conjunction with Lamborghini. This car has a more melancholic look compared to the Getto – however this smouldering look only enhances what the Ganador has to offer. The Ganador has a transparent body which makes it look even more futuristic than at first glance.

From the Getto to the Ganador, the creativity of design students proves the brand strength of supercar companies like Lamborghini and Ferrari.