The New E-Class Estate Spotted Undisguised Ahead of Reveal

While the completely transformed Mercedes-Benz E-Class Saloon is already in production, the new E-Class Estate model remains well and truly under wraps – or so we thought.

The E-Class Estate has been spotted testing on roads, in minimal disguise, ahead of its official launch this summer. The latest version of the luxury Estate car appears almost ready and raring to go, so we could not wait to set our eyes on it and learn Mercedes-Benz’s plans with the classic everyday marque we know and love.

The first feature of note is the far more defined, steeply-rakes rear window, which is likely to impact on boot space. Gorden Wagener, Design Chief, remarked that the boot space will be “almost the same”, although “a little less”, thus becoming immediately less practical than the current model. While the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class Saloon has increased in size, the brand has prioritised style in the new E-Class Estate and therefore sacrificed a proportion of its functionality. “The new one will be much sleeker,” Wagener has revealed, though extra rear headroom has been promised.

The taillight design of the new E-Class Estate have clearly developed from its little brother, the C-Class Estate; a chrome strip between the two taillights and chrome detailing to the surrounds of the exhaust are also prominent to the rear of the car.

While we have not yet been able to test the technological advances of the new E-Class Saloon, it can only be assumed that the mind-blowing technology and autonomous driving features will be carried on into the new E-Class Estate.

Engines from the soon-to-be E-Class Saloon will also be used in the E-Class Estate – the all-new 220d diesel, with class-leading sub-110g/km CO2 emissions. The powerful 350d engine is also expected to be a part of the range, as well as a plug-in hybrid version. Moreover, although nothing has been officially confirmed, rumour has it that an innovative four-wheel drive version of the E-Class Estate will be manufactured for the first time, providing an all-road version of this beautifully crafted Estate. Mercedes-Benz are truly working on leaving nothing to be desired, are they not?

We will have to wait until the Paris Motor Show later this year to witness the official launch of the all-new E-Class Estate, with the car looking to first hit showrooms in the early months of next year. Have no fear, though; if you require a car of a similar drive performance and specification, the Signature Car Hire Fleet are abundant in such options, particularly when delving into the marques of our Everyday Car Hire fleet. Mercedes-Benz hire options include our very own E-Class Saloon, or perhaps our Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon; still, if you are looking for something a little different, our pocket rocket Fiat 500 will certainly surprise you with its agility and power, or our BMW 640D M-Sport Convertible will provide all the practicality, luxury and discretion you need.

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