The new W12 concept from Audi

Audi is working on a new jewel that looks polished from the company pictures: the new A8 W12. This car is said to be based on the A8L W12, a car that features the W12 engine packed with 500 horsepower. The A8 is only coming in 50 units which already makes it a much-wanted car for any Audi car collector as well as enthusiast.

The interior of the car is getting a lot of attention because of the luxurious details that adorn it. From the smoky leather upholstery that lines the interior to the futuristic technology for the entertainment system, it’s clear that this car is meant to be enjoyed from the inside and out. Look out for the little details that make it special such as the brown Alcantara accents, grey piping and diamond quilting. For the interior’s colour palette, Audi used grey and steel shades that point to the industrial edge of the car was inspired by, accented in places like the jet grey carpet. As the delectable images show, the exterior shows off this glossy industrial look which only hints to the power of the styling inside the car. Audi’s new concept is the beginning of Audi’s innovation for the future by showing off the many ideas its talented engineers are cooking up.

We are sure this concept production version will ace the industry’s tough checklists. In the meanwhile, why not try out our sporty Audi range by hiring from us models like our Audi R8 V10 Coupe and our Audi TT Coupe.