The Next-Generation Porsche Boxster

2015 Porsche Boxster GTS_0001-thumb-530xauto-33739The Porsche Boxster has been given an upgrade thanks to the release of the latest Porsche Boxster from the German sports car maker. Matthias Muller, Porsche’s CEO recently said in an interview published in Germany that there will be a new turbo-flat four that will be put into development for the next-generation Porsche Boxster. This engine is going to be one of the many options that Porsche buyers will have for the new Boxster or Cayman.

The engine

The influence that the turbo-flat four will have is increased speed as well as more control over the car. It’s going to feel like a stronger ride across the board. At the moment, the Boxster has a six-cylinder thoroughbred engine which is in line with Porsche’s adherence to its traditions. However, the marque is showing an attempt to be innovative with the potential release of the turbo-flat four.

The new engine will keep the 180 degree layout native to Porsche but it will be able to generate around 395 horsepower. Matthias Muller said in the interview that the marque will manufacture a four-cylinder boxer engine to be part of the Boxster’s DNA. Judging from this news and new images, the latest scion from the Porsche Boxster family is going to be something special for all enthusiasts to savour. The interior is also shaping up to be an excellent example of comfort for Porsche fans who want the cabin to match up to the performance and exterior of this highly-anticipated car.

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