The Official Video For Our Ferrari F1 430 Spider

Our photographer has captured our Ferrari F1 430 Spider’s lines on film; lines which were beautifully designed by Pininfarina. Pininfarina was in charge of the Ferrari F1 430’s design and took immense pride in all his work. To him, this was one of his best creations as it held Ferrari’s classical lines while maintaining modern and stunning looks. The design of the F1 430 was also inspired by the Ferrari Enzo which was meticulously designed by Ferrari as a tribute to Ferrari’s founder, Enzo Ferrari.

The camera moves around the Ferrari capturing its elegant form and slowly moves into the interior which has been upholstered with traditional Ferrari Italian leather giving it a grand touring ability which makes it more durable over other hard core supercars. The Ferrari F1 430 isn’t just built for the track, it’s built for the road too, this car feels amazingly comfortable on long journey and can always inject a smile into your face when pressing the accelerator.

When you push the accelerator you will unleash the full fury of the 430’s 4.3L V8 which produces a colossal 483 bhp giving it enough digits to take you from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds. Even by today’s standards, it’s incredibly fast. The Ferrari 430’s V8 also has just over 340 lb-ft torque which gives it enough grunt to push you to its top speed of 193 nmph.

Want to experience real Italian performance that will give you a thrilling adventure? Then hire one of our Ferrari’s, which includes the Ferrari F1 430 Spider, Ferrari 458 Italia or if you’d like to go for something calmer, our Ferrari California would be perfect for self-drive hire! To quote, simply call us on 0845 370 2222 or email us at Don’t forget though, our Ferrari 458 Italia Spider is coming very soon!