The Road Rover – What’s That all About Range Rover?

range-roverRange Rover have never been a company to sit back and relax, constantly updating their fleet and pushing the boundaries of innovation, and the latest news from Carbuzz is that a new model will be in the offering next year.

Rumours suggest the new model will make its debut as early as the March Geneva Motor Show next year, albeit in a concept form, with production to follow thereafter. But what will it be we ask you shout!

Well, we expect the new Road Rover will burst onto the scene with plenty of promise of excellence. Expected to be a premium level all electric 4×4, this model could rival the Mercedes S Class in terms of luxury and refinement.

The new offering from Range Rover is expected to be ‘wagon-like’ with ‘all-terrain’ capabilities offering SUV enthusiasts a dynamic on-road performance vehicle that modern EVs are known for. This new model from Land Rover won’t come with a cheap price tag; Autocar estimate it will cost around £90,000 for top line versions. Land Rover is planning a full Road Rover range which is expected to be more ‘car-like’ and road-friendly without losing its robust nature.

The ‘Road Rover’ name has been used before by Land Rover during the 50’s, offering customers a bridge between Rover cars and Land Rovers. It reappeared 10 years later as a 3 door wagon concept that in time because the Range Rover we know and love.