The Ultimate F1 Tour

As an Australian adventure company, we specialise in ultimate motoring experiences for our Aussie clients, as well as other clients from around the world.

In 2008 we first used Signature for one of European tours – we travelled south through France and over the Jura Mountains into Switzerland, then drove the famous Mountain passes – Stamsel, Grimsel and Susten, just outside Interlaken. The tour then moved North through the Black Forest into Germany, then back through the Eiffel Mountains into France, and back to the UK. Truly an epic journey, and Signature Car Hire were our choice to provide the cars for us.

Always impeccably maintained and in perfect condition, the Signature team made sure the cars were perfectly prepared for our tour, as the cars ‘were the stars’ for our awesome week on the continent. For our new tour in 2010 – The Ultimate F1 Tour, when the decision came to hire cars, there was only one choice – Signature Car Hire in the UK. Our tour this year will travel in a fleet of Signature cars from the UK to the South of France, where our clients will experience driving an F1 car at the private circuit du Var. If you are considering hiring a car, or a group of cars like we did, Deepak and the team from Signature are in my opinion, the only car hire company in Europe I would recommend. Professional, courteous and helpful, they definitely helped made our trip one to remember, and I am confident they will remain a business partner of ours for many years to come.”  Anthony Moss