This is what a $13,000,000 Rolls looks like

P90261370_lowRes_rolls-royce-sweptailHave you ever looked at an advert for a huge lottery jackpot and wondered how on earth you’d spend the money? Rolls Royce could probably give you a few ideas, particularly because they’ve just sold the most expensive bespoke production car ever made.

The name of this one-off car is the Rolls Royce Sweeptail and it cost a record-breaking $13 million, which suddenly makes most other high end cars sound like a bargain.

The reason for the huge cost is that, although the Sweeptail is based on a Phantom, it has a huge host of unique features, both large and small, which were created with close supervision from the buyer. No-one knows who he is, but the mysterious big spender was very specific about what he wanted: a swept tail rear end to echo the marque’s 20s and 30s models, alongside a panoramic roof that stretches all the way down the two-seater car.

It took Rolls Royce’s team several years to create the car, not least because they had to design most of it from scratch, but photos reveal that their efforts were more than worth it. There are literally hundreds of interesting new features on the car, but our favourite is probably the centre console, which houses a mechanism that deploys a bottle of vintage champagne and crystal flutes on request! That probably provides a few million dollars worth of fun on its own!