Unique 50th Birthday with Our Aston Martin N420 V8 roadster

signature-car-hire-aston-martin-N420-V8-gift-and-experience-voucherDhaneshri  is, in our view, one of the top candidates for the ‘wife of the year’ award. She wanted to make her husband’s 50th birthday something he’d never forget and, knowing his fondness for the Aston Martin marque, approached Signature to create the perfect birthday surprise.

On his birthday, husband Hitesh  turned up at what he thought was a solicitor’s office, prepared to sign the document his wife had insisted was a matter of urgency. He was stood outside this nondescript building, waiting for his wife, when the roller shutters in front of him lifted and out drove an exquisite, limited edition Aston Martin N420 V8 roadster, its gunmetal grey exterior shining in the sharp winter light. Hitesh was so spellbound by the sight of  his dream car that it took a second for the balloons and ‘Happy 50th Birthday’ banner on the car to register. He was still in a state of shock, therefore, when our Fleet Assistant Manager Tim stopped the car next to Hitesh and Dhaneshri climbed out of the passenger seat, pointing at the beautiful car and explaining that this was his birthday present – the exclusive use of this car for the entire weekend.

Hitesh was ecstatic, and was still grinning as the Signature team gave him an exclusive tour of the Experience Centre, taking photographs of him and Dhaneshri next to their favourite cars to provide an extra momento of this truly special day. “It’s a beautiful surprise, the best surprise” commented Hitesh. “The Aston is the perfect colour, just what I wanted! I want to buy one now!!!

He just said it was the best birthday present he had ever had!” added Dhaneshri, proving that the work that she and the Signature team put into planning the surprise and decorating the car had been well worth it. The happy couple had a marvellous weekend with our beautiful convertible Aston, and turned many heads when they went out to supper in town on Saturday evening!

Everyone at Signature loved being part of the surprise: making clients like Dhaneshri and Hitesh happy is the reason we work here and we strive to fulfil any request – no matter how ambitious it might be! If you want to give a loved one an equally memorable experience to the one described here, we’d love to hear from  you. You don’t have to wait until their birthday either, with Christmas just around the corner it’s a great time to splash out on one of our exclusive experience vouchers, or call us to arrange a bespoke surprise that will get their new year off to a very happy start.