Valued Clients Return for Another Signature Experience

signature-supercar-experience6Our VIP clients are like family, and one of the highlights of our year is welcoming them into our home at special occasions. Take the Hacketts, for example, who returned to our Experience Centre last year to provide their children with a special Signature Christmas Experience.

Their two boys, Hayden and Hadleigh, are huge supercar fans, and although their parents regularly hire our cars, they never – for very understandable safety reasons! – get to sit behind the wheel. Their Christmas Experience was therefore a chance for them to take charge for the day: the boys had a full tour of our Experience Centre, chose their favourite cars to sit inside, had their pictures taken and even had a chance to hear the engines revved!

Both boys are clearly men after our boss Dee’s heart, as their favourite cars were definitely those made by Lamborghini and Ferrari! They did, however, also take a shine to many of our other cars, including our beautiful Bentley Continental, and our awesome selection of Range Rovers.

Signature boss Dee said: “I’m very glad that Hayden and Hadleigh had such a good time today – I know that this is a brilliant experience for any young boy and I’m almost jealous that I couldn’t do it when I was their age! I have no doubt that we’ll be welcoming them to Signature as clients in the future, and I can’t wait for the day that they can sit behind the wheel of a supercar as they drive it away on their first hire.”

Christmas may be over, but an Experience Centre tour makes a great gift for birthdays, special celebrations or even as a reward for good exam results! To learn how you can treat your kids, call us today on 0845 370 2222.