Virage First Seen in London



All new Aston Martin Virage is first seen in London
The first Aston Martin Virage Volante has been spotted in London, and the lucky driver chose it from Signature Car Hire. Get used to the paparazzi when you hire a car like this for a self-drive experience, and be flattered by the attention received.   This super care dazzled daily commuters and on-lookers alike, when it was spotted in London. Our Virage Volante featured glacial white paintwork, a soft top and daunting flared body lines.  The distinctive Aston Martin elliptical grille and Bi-Xenon headlights announced that the Volante had arrived in the capital. Turning heads when it was spotted around London, our new sports car continued to amaze with its race car-like growl and revving scream. When this one of a kind car was seen, it cemented Aston Martin’s position as the supercar marque of choice for stylish drivers.

The effect that the Virage Volante had on other people in London was clear: awe. Choosing this car from us shows off a superior sense of taste in luxury motors and refined performance abilities.   We are committed to innovating in luxury car hire because we brought the first Virage Volante to market in the UK. This is why there is no need to go anywhere else for sports car hire.

The plush smoky grey leather interior was visible when the Virage was seen in London, and the white counter-stitched whole-grain leather interior and Iridium Silver console were laid bare to be appreciated.   Giant five-spoke alloys and the trademark rear end view with ‘Virage’ subtly adding a flourishing touch left bystanders in no doubt as to the premiere they had just witnessed as this Virage Volante dashed through the heart of London.

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The experience can be viewed alongside our image gallery for those who want a 360 degree view of the Virage Volante.