What is the Bentley Bentayga Actually Like to Drive?

bentelyWe’ve written a lot about the Bentley Bentayga. It’s hard not to, really, given that it’s a revolutionary car from one of our favourite marques. But what is it actually like to drive? Given that the first car only rolled out of Crewe on 27th November, we’re still in the dark, so we’ve scanned the reviews to determine what the critics can tell us about this hyper luxury SUV.

AutoExpress had a chance to drive the car overseas, and they were very impressed by what they found.

“Before you climb aboard, the Bentayga is so imposing visually that it demands you stop for a moment and drink its detailing, and its sheer size” said their review. “The cabin within smells delicious, and also looks utterly exquisite, albeit in a traditional, perhaps slightly old-school kind of way.

“Immediately, the ride feels smooth, composed and high in quality. The steering, despite being Bentley’s first ever electric helm, also feels natural and intuitive on the move, with some reasonable feel through the rim and a bags of precision. Its weighting, in particular, is especially well judged.

“In any of its four on road drive modes the Bentayga rides well, steers accurately and handles more than just a little bit neatly. But as you go up from Comfort mode through the Bentley mode to Custom and then to Sport, the sense of composure beneath your backside gets stronger.”

Most of the UK newspapers agreed, with the Independent in particular giving it a glowing review:“From behind the wheel, the Bentley feels every bit as accomplished and adaptable as you could wish. Eight driving modes – four on-road, four off-road – ensure it can cope with aplomb over any terrain by subtly altering engine response, air-suspension settings, active anti-roll bars and everything in between…It’s entirely deserving of the adulation it receives.”

In fact, we haven’t really been able to find a magazine, newspaper or online review that doesn’t love the Bentley Bentayga. Is it possible that the car is universally admired? It sure looks that way, but we’ll have to wait until we can get behind the wheel of one to make absolutely sure! All in the name of duty, you understand….