Where do you sit on the Lamborghini spectrum?

aventador-deeOne of the things that so impressed Signature Founder & CEO, Dee Bhatia,  on his recent trip to Geneva was the astonishing range of colours present on the Lamborghini stand.

As he commented “I was in absolute awe of the colour selection on display by Lamborghini, the stunning electric blue Huracan and the maroon/red Aventador bespoke Roadster was definitely a highlight for me.”


2015-03-05 13.40.43In light of Lamborghini’s dedication to their colour range, and the advent of the stunning Lamborghini SuperVeloce (SV), which has a top speed of 217MPH and a 0-62MPH time of just 2.8 seconds, we thought we’d get your opinion on what colours you like best.

Don’t forget that a SuperVeloce is on it’s way to the Signature Experience centre, so you may end up seeing the colours you choose in real life!

To help you decide, take a peek at this mock-up done by GT Spirit, who have imagined what the car will look like in a range of different colours.