Where does Aston Martin prepare for racing?

ProDrive shows the behind the scenes work of Aston Martin Racing

Drive Channel got an exclusive behind the scenes look at how ProDrive’s racing facilities where Aston Martin goes on the track. Even though many enthusiasts know the marque has an iconic connection with Le Mans, the racing commitment the marque has goes beyond Le Mans. There are some Aston Martins that are road cars that have been worked on by ProDrive for that track flair.

Under the guidance of ProDrive boss David Richards, in the video we can see ProDrive’s work with the GT3 and the Grand-Am cars. In the video, ProDrive is shown as the home of Aston Martin Racing and it’s definitely heaven for Aston Martin superfans with several Aston Martin Racing car models. The video also showed that preparing the cars start at around 400 man hours for the GT4. ProDrive has sold about 10 track day cars which further shows how popular Aston Martin on the track is. ProDrive also does its own aerodynamic work on the cars and the spokesman said it will make things a lot easier for ProDrive and Aston Martin Racing. As the video shows, hard work and attention to detail goes into preparing Aston Martins to be track-ready.

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