Why Your Business Vehicle Counts

signature-dee-bhatia-rolls-royceDo you remember being told off by your teachers at school for not looking presentable enough? If you were fortunate enough not to experience this, imagine a teacher waggling their finger at you, explaining that, by virtue of being a student, you’re representing the school and therefore need to be smartly dressed at all times…

Why am I sending you on a trip down memory lane? Because, as much as it might pain us to admit, our teachers had a point. What they were trying to teach us applies not only to school but also to your business – if your employees are scruffy, people will assume that the company is equally shabby and be reluctant to trust you. Smartening up is therefore an imperative, but in business it’s a little more complicated than just ironing your school uniform, because employees come with accessories such as briefcases, laptops and cars.

Cars are probably the one that most people forget. Yet when you arrive at a client’s office, your car is the first thing they’ll see and, after many years of running Signature, I can confirm that their first impression is absolutely based on your vehicle!


You should, therefore, put as much thought into your vehicle as you do into your suits and presentations. Do you want to look like a powerful leader, by arriving in a Bentley or a long wheelbase Mercedes S Class? Or would you prefer to go for something that looks more low key, like a Mercedes C Class? Why not something a bit left field, like a Range Rover, or a sports car for when you’re turning up to a corporate event and want to make a splash? Whatever you choose, ensure that the car is clean and presentable – there’s no point turning up in a Ferrari if it’s covered in mud!

If this all sounds exhausting, it’s time to approach the decision from a different perspective. This does not have to be a purchasing decision. If you think you need different cars for different occasions, then why not hire them? Hiring cars will save your business a great deal of money in terms of vehicle maintenance, storage and depreciation, plus it’s much more fun!


What’s particularly brilliant about hiring cars is that it allows you to be more creative. For example, if an important overseas client is flying in to see you, why not send a chauffeur driven car to bring them to your office? It’s a powerful statement about how much you care for your client, and frees up an employee from having to make a tiring airport run.

mMercedes-V-Class-V250-Sport-LWB-cabin-seatsSpeaking of your employees, it also brings them a variety of benefits. For example, hiring a luxurious V Class, which can take up to eight people and allows for boardroom style meetings in the back, allows your staff to carry on working in comfort – making them much more productive than if they were squashed on a train!

You can also use car hire to raise employee morale, as your commitment to ensuring they travel in comfort and style will make them feel appreciated. This will translate into them being much more enthusiastic about work when they arrive – stylishly – at their destination. Your clients will also respect your treatment of your staff, and will trust that you will treat them with similar consideration.

Having a well maintained, clean, appropriate car can make all the difference to your business – both to how your employees feel and how well your business does. Isn’t it time to ensure your company travels in style?