Will the Bentley Bentayga get the New W12?

bentleyBentley have been fairly forthcoming about their styling influences for the Bentayga, or at least for its protective wrapping, but details on what’s actually powering the thing are fairly scarce. TopGear, however, have made a very clever assumption: that the promise of this car being the most powerful SUV going is likely to be delivered by the VW Group’s new 6 litre W12 TSI engine. This engine will have 600BHP and 664 ft-lb of torque, something which could take the hefty Bentayga to 62MPH in less than 4 seconds.

According to TopGear, the engine will feature “cylinder bores with APS coating, a cooling system with integrated temp management, dual fuel injection with high pressure direct and low pressure manifold injection, twin-scroll twin-turbos, cylinder bank deactivation and an ECU with two controllers.” Importantly, the engine will also have an oil circuit for off-road use and adaptive engine suspension, making it highly suitable for an SUV.

It’s a very logical assumption and one that will no doubt have fans of luxury SUVs very excited. If Bentley can combine their customary panache and luxury with the sheer power that this engine promises, then we can expect something truly spectacular.