Will the Controversial Ferrari FF be Donning a New Facelift in Time for Geneva 2016?

We are forever trying to contain our excitement for the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, particularly since the cheeky tip off that it Ferrari have a surprise up their sleeve for the debut of the facelifted Ferrari FF, and it may just be revealed at this year’s show in March. Another potential performance car hire model for our books.

Senior Vice-President for commercial and marketing at Ferrari, Enrico Galliera remarked, “FF is one of the cars that allowed us to satisfy the growing need of our clients. Of course, we’re working to further innovate the car, it’s too early to say when and how. But our clients will have a surprise in the future.”

Far from your typical Ferrari, the Ferrari FF was launched in 2011 and immediately set heads spinning in wonderment at its four-wheel drive and shooting brake design; it certainly would provide a unique self-drive hire experience. A practical supercar (there’s the ultimate example of some oxymoron) allowing the driver the capacity to drop the children to school without having to display a rear window sticker stating, “my other car is a Ferrari”.

So what will the facelifted model have in store?
A prototype of the facelifted marque has been spotted testing its limits in the Arctic Circle, and for now, we can spy some styling changes to the enlarged grill and air intake. We can breathe a sigh of relief in the reassurance from Galliera that the Ferrari FF will continue to house the powerful 6.3 litre V12 engine; not only this, but it is rumoured Ferrari are set to rack up the power performance to 700 BHP – a dramatic uptake on the current 651 BHP of the Ferrari FF.

The new Ferrari FF is likely to undergo further styling changes in addition to those on the current prototype, predicted to be applied to the bumpers and lights, not to forget expected differences in the interiors, too. The end result promises a sportier and more elegant look, more aesthetically pleasing on the eye.

We also predict some changes to the weight of the new Ferrari FF; Ferrari is leading the way with cutting-edge technology, enabling their top performance cars to be lightweight at well as dynamically strong. The current marque already leaves the majority behind with an impressive 0-62 MPH speed of 3.7 seconds, and a top speed of 208 MPH. Perhaps we will see some aluminum and carbon fibre creep its way into the exterior of the new marque…as long as it guarantees a faster ride, we certainly won’t say no.

An entry-level Ferrari?
The wind is also carrying little birds whispers that Ferrari is set to launch an entry-level Ferrari FF, powered by a twin-turbo V8 engine and hosting seating for four.

Of course, our self-drive enthusiasts will not need to save up to for an entry level to the world of supercar drivers; our car hire fleet is at your fingertips, and waiting in the wings are the likes of our Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe, alongside our Ferrari 458 Spider. Contact us anytime and get ready to make your marque with Signature Car Hire.