Would a Lamborghini by any Other Name Sound so Awesome?

When William Shakespeare wrote about Italian beauties in Romeo and Juliet and posed the question of whether a rose by any other name would smell so sweet, he could well have been looking into the future and describing the stunning models of Automobili Lamborghini.  Asking the question of what’s in a name we can now look at some of the latest labels trademarked by Lamborghini for their upcoming models.

Lamborghini has indeed been active lately.  Most recently, they registered the name Huracan for a future supercar.  This comes on the heels of their registration of the name Deimos.  What is exciting to consider however is that both of these names will still be available even after the hopefully-to-be-produced SUV, which was presented as a concept with the name Urus.

As it would appear that Lamborghini are comfortable with the public learning of these hallmarks, it gives us free reign to imagine the wonderfully powerful and distinctively designed supercars which could bear these names.

The marque of the raging bull has always set free amazing cars which live up to their flamboyant and commanding monikers.  Huracan is not only Spanish for Hurricane, but also alludes to the god of fire, wind and storms in ancient Mayan mythology, so we can only guess at the potency of that car.  Deimos is the Greek god of terror and dread, giving rise to images of latent aggression in such a car.  Urus, was the name of an extent European ox, and thus we are easily able to conjure up images of fleet footedness over the most rugged of terrain and skill at handling the roughest elements with ease.  Ideal for a crossover vehicle, this demonstrates its inherent size and agility perfectly.  It is nevertheless exciting to dream up what such vehicles would look and feel like.

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