You will Never Believe what this Range Rover did!

Land Rover have celebrated 45 years of Range Rover by doing something completely bonkers – driving one of their cars over a paper bridge. The bridge, which was five metres long, was built in Suzhou, China by world-renowned British artist Steve Messam and specialist British paper manufacturer James Cropper PLC. The high bridge had no bolts or glue to hold it together, and took three days to construct – but only seconds to drive over.

It’s hard to believe that driving a heavy Range Rover over a paper bridge is possible, so you’ll have to watch the video, see below, to see this mind-boggling stunt for yourselves. It was facilitated by the lightweight body of the Range Rover, as Nick Rogers, Director Group Engineering Jaguar Land Rover, explains: “Range Rover’s advanced lightweight body and peerless all-terrain capability were crucial factors in making this unique drive possible.” 

Artist and paper bridge designer, Steve Messam, added: “Paper structures capable of supporting people have been built before but nothing on this scale has ever been attempted. It’s pushing engineering boundaries, just like the Range Rover, and the ease and composure with which the vehicle negotiated the arch was genuinely breathtaking.” 

Range Rover has a long history of innovation. Not only was it the world’s first-ever luxury SUV, but it was also the first vehicle to drive across the Darien Gap in Central America in 1972. If you’d like to stage your own celebration of the model’s 45th birthday, why not hire one of our many Range Rovers? With Sports, Vogue, Autobiography, Long Wheelbase and Evoque models to choose from, there’s something for almost any occasion!