New Life from Mercedes

The latest news from Mercedes-Benz concerns two exciting new models.   Whilst the economic and meteorological climate in Germany may be gloomy, and the situation in other European consumer countries looking even more dismal, Mercedes is determined to bring some good news to our ears.  Fresh and bright motor cars will always have a place in cheering up a dull and grey world, and it seems that is just what is in the minds of the team at Mercedes Benz AG.  The birth of two new ones could be just what we need.

The leadership of Mercedes-Benz has announced that they are looking at a ‘baby’ SLS and a sportier M-Class model. 

This joyous revelation was made by Gorden Wagner, Head of Design at Mercedes.  He announced that Mercedes-Benz is planning production of a car called the SLC, expected to be a sports model of the existing gull wing-doors coupe.  Minus these iconic entrances however, the car should take on the 911 of rival Porsche, as well as any potential Jaguar competition, such as the F-type.  Given that Mercedes is considering engineering the SLC with two engine variants, any possible contenders should beware.  The anticipated 3.5 litre V6 and 4.0 V8 will surely have strong torque abilities and powerful top-line speed capacities.  The investment in developing the technology for such an SLC should see it in the showroom by about 2014, so scouts should look out for renderings and spy shots later this year.

From its sports segment to its luxury powerful 4×4 offering, the Mercedes-Benz team is envisaging taking on the world.  Another design candidate is a more athletic M-Class offering.  Given the inherent characteristics of the existing vehicle of potency and dominance, this is certainly something to watch out for.  Aimed at challenging BMW’s X6, we could see a very exciting battle transpire indeed.  

Since Porsche recently revealed its range overhaul over the next few years, as we blogged to you late last month, we can understand that the race to put new and exciting models in the path of consumers’ spending will only heat up over the short-term horizon.  We can expect that quite a lot of exciting news should be forthcoming from all German luxury and sports car manufacturers.  

In keeping with what we expect from these marques, higher oil prices, austerity measures and increased emission taxes are certainly not design considerations.  What we can expect to see from these automakers are exquisitely-designed cars engineered to produce maximum power, performance and exhilaration.

Meanwhile the 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG continues to bring sparkle to our roads.  Renting the SLS AMG Coupe from Signature Car Hire for a self-drive excursion can certainly light up your experience.