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Born in 1947, Ferrari has always produced vehicles at its current site and has maintained its directions. It has progressively widened its range using visionary planning both on a design level and on the quality of work produced.

A town in northern Italy, near Bologna, Maranello has been home to Ferrari since the 1940s. At more than 250,000 sq metres, the factory's 45 buildings house more than 3,000 workers. It is here that passion; innovation and technology combine to create the company's GT and Formula 1 cars.

On 3 December 1942, planning permission was granted for a small plant making machine tools in Maranello. From the Scuderia Ferrari headquarters in Via Trento Trieste in Modena, Enzo Ferrari chose to go to Maranello because, as he wrote in his memoirs, he owned "a piece of land in the immediate vicinity of where the factory is today".

To learn about Ferrari Car Hire, you need to go to the beginning with Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Scuderia Ferrari as the company is officially known. Enzo Ferrari was committed to seeing his vision of performance cars that can beat the competition. Piero Ferrari is the only living son of Enzo Ferrari and he plays an important role in the company, which is helping the marque achieve rave reviews and great Ferrari testimonials. Ferrari is preserving its heritage with Galleria Ferrari (Ferrari company museum dedicated to the Ferrari sports car Marque).

Galleria Ferrari is only 300 metres away from the marque's factory in Maranello, the home of Ferrari's factory. Ferrari Reviews focus on the performance and style of its cars like the 458 Spider and the California, two cars that buyers have embraced thanks to their highly-performance focused elements such as their engines and transmissions.

The Ferrari 458 Spider features a textured leather upholstery finish that inspires you to drive this car for as long as you can during your Ferrari 458 Hire from Signature Car Hire. The Split Injection technology and classic red exterior of our Ferrari Spider signifies the type of unbridled fun you would have during your Signature Ferrari Rental.

The Ferrari California tells the story of a convertible drenched in Rossa Red, perfect for those special occasions that you want to underline with an entrance. Hire a Ferrari in UK to understand why the magic of Ferrari captures everyone who chooses a Ferrari to drive. Ferrari is about success and you can see this permeating through every car it manufactures.

We offer a nationwide Ferrari car hire service in the UK including in and around London, the Home Counties and towns like Oxford.

Enzo Ferrari's vision to create a Marque of ultra-performance cars came true thanks to years of hard work, design focus and intense attention to detail. Whether you choose a Ferrari California or Ferrari 458, there are abundant sources of car hire experiences that you will never forget if you choose a power packed Ferrari supercar.


Ferrari is a symbol of passion, style, and technology and one of the oldest surviving, the most well known, and the most loved team in Grand Prix Motor Racing.

As with Ferrari’s road vehicles, their formula one cars proudly display their logo, the Prancing Horse, or "Cavallino Rampante" which is one of the most well known symbols in Global Motorsport.

The Ferrari team is still based at Maranello in Italy. The team's new car for the 2010 season, the Ferrari F10, was launched on 28 January 2010.

The present Ferrari team competes in Formula One and is managed by team principal Stefano Domenicali. Aldo Costa is the technical director and Luca Colajanni the PR manager.

The race drivers are Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, with Giancarlo Fisichella the third/reserve driver. Alonso is contracted for three seasons (2010–2012),[6] with speculated options until the end of 2014.

The 90s was the decade of incredible Ferrari success. With superstar drivers like Michael Schumacher, the Marque had its footprint in Formula 1 seen. Known as the great comeback to the company, Ferrari also is known for other incredible drivers such as Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa. Ferrari is the marque for winners and Formula 1 has proven this over and over again.