Unique Lamborghini J Provides Inspiration

The power of the Lamborghini Aventador to evoke passion and action in all who see it continues.  The awesome Aventador burst onto our radar well ahead of its release when we saw it premiered at the International Motor Show in Geneva last year.  The stirring effect that this spectacular debut at the Salon had was enough to warrant the entire production run selling out. Despite this, the Aventador still managed to continue generating excitement thereafter.    

It stimulated the Top Gear team to follow all the news surrounding it until they were eventually able to drive an Aventador in Italy in June, and finally bring one across the Channel in July and have the ‘thoroughly delectable’ car, as they expressed it, on their show.

It even became a muse for the film-writing team responsible for this year’s Batman epic ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.  Director Christopher Nolan and stars Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway were certainly inspired when the Aventador appeared as the Batmobile.

Now Prindiville have been motivated by this most-talked about Lamborghini in its evolution as the Aventador J.  Moved by this iteration which was premiered at the Geneva Motor Show this year, they have released a tuning package for this unique supercar.

The motivating machine appeared on the Lamborghini stand along with the news that this car had already been sold to its lucky new owner and was a completely one-off build.  Nevertheless, British specialists Prindiville were so encouraged by the sight that they developed a kit which will enhance both the looks and performance of this already-stunning beauty.

Cosmetically, the Aventador J would benefit from a lightweight carbon fibre outfit with revised front bumper, bonnet, side panels and skirts, rear diffuser and rear wing.

Under the new bonnet, the fortunate owner would find an ECU revamp and Prindiville’s trademark titanium exhaust system.  Such a power boost would also necessitate the fully-adjustable suspension system with larger carbon ceramic brakes that they have envisaged.

Whilst it is highly unlikely that the package will ever be retro-fitted to the Aventador J, as the new owner probably thinks it is just grand the way it is, it would result in a power increase from 700hp to 805hp.  This would make a difference to acceleration and top line speed. The 0-60mph sprint should take just 2.5 seconds with the maximum speed likely to be over 220 mph. 

Luckily for eight other fortuitous owners of the standard Aventador, if standard could ever be used in the same sentence as Lamborghini Aventador, this package will be made available on the open market by Prindiville in such a limited edition. Don’t forget, Signature’s own Aventador arrives later this year.