2014 Porsche Has A New Top

Porsche is a car company that seems to be doing everything right. The German supercar manufacturer pioneered the concept of a luxury SUV and other marques soon followed suit. Now Porsche has gone into its archives to choose a new roof for one of their models.

The roof that will be on the MY 911 is called the Targa roof. This is not your ordinary roof by any means. After 20 years of being in Porsche’s vault, this 2014 model will include the Targa top. Even though Porsche have tried to keep this a secret, Porsche enthusiasts saw a car with a camouflaged Targa roof. One reason why Porsche has decided to go back into their heritage for a roof is to give the new MY 911 a retro feel. Porsche has kept the body of some of its convertibles virtually the same for decades, so reintroducing the Targa roof adds a touch glamour into the new era of Porsche supercars.

What makes the Targa roof so tantalising?

The Targa roof is eye-catching because it has a removable hard top that drivers can use to put the top down during summer car drives. The Targa roof is enticing in this regard because it has a roll bar that is easy to use.  The Targa roof will make the Porsche 911 one of the most coveted supercars on the market when it débuts next year.

2013 will be the year that motorists and car enthusiasts get to lay their eyes on a Porsche supercar that is redefining how people view retro accents such as the Targa roof for the future. Porsche have not yet revealed specifications for the car, so it is hard to say how it will stack up performance wise but it is safe to say that if it is a Porsche, it will purr on the motorway.

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