Chauffeur Driven Audi A8 Makes a Splash

Chauffeur-driven cars are a buoyant market thanks to corporate accounts and consumers who want to be comfortable while they are going to a destination. Audi has announced that it has improved the A8, one of its most popular models for chauffeur hire.

As you can see, the Audi A8 has undergone a facelift which includes engines that are more economical. This is becoming more important for clients that want a chauffeur driven experience without the price tag. LED headlamps have also been given a new look as they are now new and improved.

Audi wants to inspire more chauffeurs to look at the environment by lowering CO2 emissions. Audi cares about it so much that it took representatives of to Germany to look at the crisp changes that the A8 has undergone. Another accent of the A8 that is pleasing is the LED lights include high beams that can be adjusted when there is oncoming traffic. Luxury leather options have also been stitched into the car as well which is important for chauffeur clients. said that the car has a sleeker look with this upgrade and we can see why. Chauffeur driven hire requires a car that can go the distance in luxury and comfort which is exactly what this A8 achieves. With more firepower than expected from the 6.3 litre W12 engine and the sparkling cylinder on demand innovation, the A8 is a car that can be perfect for chauffeur driving as well as personal driving.

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