Controller for Signature Chauffeuring Liam Burke

signature-car-hire-rolls-royce-viano1. What is your role/title at Signature?
Controller for the Signature Chauffeuring.

2. You joined Signature this year. What attracted you to the position?
I visited the Signature Experience Centre with a mutual friend and had the opportunity to meet Dee. I was very impressed, so when the opportunity arose to work together I didn’t hesitate.

3. What did you do before, and what skills/experience have you gained which are essential in your role today?
I have been involved in the Ground Transportation Industry for about 25 years in differing roles with both small and large companies. The experience that I have gained is invaluable in my day to day role and I also provide the Chauffeur Team with operational training on a day to day basis. The role of the Controller is to provide the best service possible to our clients in the most efficient manner. This means making the best use of the fleet of vehicles and the Chauffeurs available. Service is key in the businesses and the team are always pushing to ensure Dee’s excellent service standards are met continually.

4. Do you work for one specific division in the group, or does your role transfer throughout the businesses?
I mainly work for Signature Chauffeuring but I am also the Out of Hours cover for Self-Drive, ensuring that clients always have a point of contact to speak with rather than having to leave a message and wait for a call back which we know is inconvenient for them. I have also been involved in delivering and collecting vehicles. The Chauffeur Team also lends their logistical expertise to the Fleet Team with regards to delivery and collection schedules.

signature-car-hire-rolls-royce5. Is efficiency important for Signature and if so why?
Efficiency is extremely important to Signature and to me personally. There is a great personal satisfaction in a “job well done”.

6. What would you say are Signature’s top 5 USPs that clients would rate as important?
1) Quality of Service across all divisions.
2) Quality of the cars.
3) Attention to Detail.
4) Accessibility and close location to major UK airports and central London; essential for overseas client’s visiting the UK.
5) The staff and the training provided to them, ensuring that every time a car is handed over or one of our highly experiences chauffeurs are used, the client is able to maximise their experience.

7. From the fleet, what are your favourite performance, prestige and 4 x 4 vehicles?
– Performance    Ferrari 458 Spider
– Prestige    Black Rolls Royce Phantom
– 4 x 4    Range Rover Vogue Autobiography


8. Which car would you choose for your own fleet! And why…
I really love the Supercars but I am getting too old to look cool in cars like this these days! I would be most likely to choose a Range Rover for all round versatility and everyday use.

9. Who would you take out for a spin in this car, anyone from history….and why?
Eric Cantona. He was one of my favourite footballers and I think he is a very interesting character.

10. And where would you go?
Anywhere that people could see us!

11. What’s your motto?
Carpe Diem (Seize the day).

12. Who is your inspiration?
My children.

13. What three items would you take to a desert island?
1) A year’s supply of beer and food.
2) Sky Sports
3) A helicopter (a year of peace and quiet would be wonderful but then I would like to come home).

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