Don’t be fooled by Bentley’s old fashioned image…

bentley-01The new Bentayga may look like an elder statesman, but like all its newer cousins this SUV is stuffed with useful, state of the art technology. So much so that the car actually contains 110 lbs of wiring to power all the gizmos – and since all the wiring is done by hand, this is quite an investment of time and effort in keeping you both entertained and safe.

Let’s look at the entertainment first. Bentayga owners benefit Sent from my iPad

The driving technology is equally superb. Just a few of the toys constantly working to improve the ride are semi autonomous steering, adaptive cruise control and stop and go traffic assist. The suspension is particularly nifty, including a sport, comfort, and even a “Bentley” mode. A fundamental part of the cars’s ability to perform in bentley-02all conditions are its roll bars, which have sensors that detect corners and help keep the Bentayga flat during a turn. That’s in a city, of course – if you’re in the country just flick a switch and the roll bars will help you cope with uneven terrain. They’re even programmed to lift the wheel when the car senses a pothole, meaning that the car effectively jumps the gap and stops you ever getting damage tyres or alloys.

With technology like this, it’s no wonder that the Bentayga is getting rave reviews. Perhaps this is the reason that The Queen was the first in line to buy one!