Ferrari 458 Spider Car Hire Coming Soon

Do you want to take off in the Ferrari 458 Spider? Well your dreams can come true with Signature Car Hire very soon. The newest supercar we have selected to add to our fleet is this superb Ferrari Spider which promises to offer self drive hire super car enthusiasts a thrilling all-round driving experience.

Whilst the hallmark Ferrari scarlet shows off the sumptuous outline and curves to true Ferrari perfection, enhanced engineering elevates the Ferrari 458 Spider and your self-drive hire to new levels.

With this upcoming addition to the fleet you can look forward to the legendary Ferrari audio cues which are the first full throttle assault to your senses, as the 4499 V8 engine roars into life when you put your foot to the peddle.  Next the awesome torque, 540 Nm at 600 rpm, kicks in and provides an exhilarating launch as the car accelerates up to 60 mph in an awesome 3.4 seconds.

Nothing else will interrupt as the revised suspension of the car offers less suspension noise than any before.  At the front, this double wishbone suspension also offers improved longitudinal flexibility, which increases the car’s capacity to absorb road bumps offering you a smoother ride.  Your super drive experience is further enhanced with better handling, due to greater transverse rigidity, as the rear multi-link suspension also uses the new design.

This Ferrari drop-top has been eagerly awaited by super car fans.   Given the attraction of Ferraris predeceasing convertibles, it can be expected that the newest arrival to our fleet will not disappoint. Next time you choose to hire a car in the UK, an explosive choice will soon be found in our Ferrari 458 Spider.

Coming soon to the fleet, this Ferrari hire car not only lives up to its heritage, but will take you to an utterly new destination.  An action-packed self-drive hire is on the cards when you deal directly with Signature Car Hire.  We do not use agents or middle-men, the only people you deal with are our experienced staff members who know their cars and want to ensure you get the most out of your Ferrari car hire experience.