Lamborghini Unica

lamborghini-unicaHave you heard the rumours about the Lamborghini Unica?

Lamborghini is keeping its new offering securely under wraps and only a select few are being offered the chance to access exclusive previews and contents with a unique pass code to gain entry to the Lamborghini Unica app.

This new Lamborghini masterpiece is on its way and this is the only one way to see it before everyone else.

The app enables you to create your own unique, customized experience in the world of Lamborghini. In the next few days, the House of Sant’Agata Bolognese will unveil their latest model in a world preview dedicated only to customers who have installed Unica on their devices.

With Unica, Lamborghini customers exclusive app, owners can enhance their special experience even more with the masterpieces from Sant’Agata. With Unica, owners can manage and update their garage and profile and access to exclusive events around the world.

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