See the Lamborghini Reventon on Video for the First Time

lamborghini-reventonHere at Signature we’re really, really proud of the hire cars we have in our fleet. From rare self-drive supercars to high spec rental SUVs and elegant luxury chauffeur driven saloons, we have something to entice and excite everyone. Yet we can’t, sadly, acquire every car we’d like, and one of the ones we’ll always dream about is the ultra-rare Lamborghini Reventon, which was released in 2010. Only 20 coupes were made, as well as just 15 roadsters. All were over $1,000,000, and all were sold before you could blink.

While we would have been driving ours non-stop, most of those who were actually lucky enough to snap one up never so much as took them out of the garage. Fortunately, however, for those who are itching to see what this super rare Lamborghini is really like, Shmee150 has posted a video review of the Lamborghini Reventon Roadster, featuring both a full walkaround and sound. The reason he’s able to do this is perhaps because it’s now on sale for $1,900,000 – obviously the Reventon was a good investment!

The video gives you a good look at the carbon fibre car’s jagged edgy lines, presents full engine details and a thrilling look at the car’s interior, with its alcantara bucket seats and pared aesthetic. He even takes us through the displays, centre console and full functionality.  There’s even Reventon embroidery for those who’ve forgotten what they did with their million dollars.

Finally, there’s the delicious engine noise. This is something you really need to hear for yourself, watch here….