The flourishing future of Ferrari

Italian marque Ferrari is in for great times. Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, the Ferrari chairman, recently said that he doesn’t believe in electric cars, but he does believe in hybrids. The LaFerrari is the best example of a hybrid car that is truly a thoroughbred supercar. The success of the LaFerrari’s hybrid experience has opened Ferrari’s management’s eyes about the future of hybrid cars in Ferrari’s stable.

Montezemolo said that the company plans to build more hybrids because of its strength of performance. Hybrid cars are going to be a staple in the supercar world because of performance and emissions regulations becoming tighter.

If you are focused purely on performance, you will like this news. Some enthusiasts think this will make the experience less pure but ultimately hypercars like the LaFerrari provide exquisite and razor-sharp performance experiences that customers want.

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