The New Mercedes-AMG One

mercedes-AMG1-01Mercedes has made another leap forward in bringing its F1 inspired hypercar to market. Recent testing already got fan’s pulses racing, but the release of the name will surely get a buzz on the circuit! Mercedes announce the name is to be the Mercedes-AMG One, a transition from the concept name of the Project One and a strong link to its Formula 1 heritage.

So what can we expect from this super beast of a race track inspired car? Well a derivative of Mercedes’ 1.6-litre turbocharged hybrid F1 engine for starters.

mercedes-AMG1-02The Mercedes-AMG One has still further testing to undergo to refine its sophisticated active dynamics, but we thinks it is well worth the wait.

This car oozes supercar appeal with its extended active louvres which extend over the front wheels clearly visible here with Finnish F1 driver, Valtteri Bottas who is currently driving for Mercedes.

Mercedes don’t want its supercar fans to be disappointed mercedes-AMG1-03at the extended wait and so have set out on to the highway a mobile showroom which Mercedes title ‘The Future of Driving Performance’!

This mobile extravaganza not only showcases their new hypercar but also allows for cockpit tests and equipment demonstrations. And, if you are interested in buying one for your supercar collection then you’ll also be able to select your colour specifications and material too! Well done Mercedes, you have thought of everything!