The Official Video For Our Mercedes-Benz S350 BlueEfficiency

Our photographer has captured our Mercedes-Benz S350’s luxury stance which was designed by Mercedes Benz to continue their flagship S Class range. Mercedes-Benz have made sure their S Class never fails to impress by making it more luxurious every step of the way. The S350 blends comfort and smooth performance in one perfect package. Our S350 obtains its striking looks from Mercedes Benz’s existing range such as the Mercedes CLS style LED daytime running lights. The S Class has been crowned the most luxurious car in the world by many, including high ranking officials.

The camera slowly glides over the S350’s long and luxury body whilst showcasing the executive beige interior from the exterior as if you are about to enter. We have equipped our S350 with this beige leather interior which gives it an ambient effect inside making it a very relaxing environment. The photographer has captured its very aspect of beauty, from the interior, to the exterior, really show casing its executive appeal.

You’ll even get smooth acceleration off the line with the S350 as it features a 3 litre V6 turbo diesel engine which produces an astonishing 240BHP. It also has improved injection efficiency, reduced compression ratio and a boost in psi from the turbocharger. The S350 develops 450 lb-ft at 1600RPM, which is enough torque to reach 60 mph from naught in a surprising 7.1 seconds and will go all the way up to an electronically limited 155 MPH.

Want to feel executive? Then we have a range of Mercedes-Benz’s which includes the Mercedes S350 L BlueEfficiencyMercedes S350 Blue Tec L with AMG Sports Package or if you’re ready to be blown into next week, our Mercedes S63 AMG LWB has the same sort of performance to put you on the edge and really test our driving talent. Our S-Class range is available for chauffeur and self-drive hire, so take advantage today by calling us on 0845 370 2222 or emailing us at

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