The Striking New Bugatti Chiron Revealed at Geneva Motor Show


The long-standing, incredibly built Bugatti Veyron was always going to be an extremely hard hypercar to replace – but Bugatti have managed to successfully create the brand new Bugatti Chiron – just revealed at Geneva Motor Show 2016 – a jaw-dropping machine of power, speed and style.

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Bugatti has described the new model as the “world’s most powerful, fastest, most luxurious and most exclusive production super sports car” – a lot of promise, then.

The Chiron’s engine has been redeveloped to an 8.0-litre, quad-turbo W16 engine, which produces an absolutely spectacular 1479 BHP. Compared to its predecessor, the new Bugatti Chiron produces almost 300 BHP than the Bugatti Veyron, a significant jump and improvement. Exclusivity surrounds this beautiful car, with only 360 production slots left globally.

The new Chiron dropped jaws with its announcement of a top speed of 261 MPH; the speedo on the Chiron actually runs all the way to 310 MPH, and Bugatti promise that 261 MPH is “by no means the end of the road”…what a thrilling thought.

How has Bugatti achieved such monumental figures? Well, first of all, they have enlarged each of the four turbos and introduced an innovative new two-stage spooling system; Bugatti has also revealed that the Chiron utilises the highest performing clutch ever fitted to a passenger car. The air-brake protruding from the rear, along with carbon silicon carbide brakes fitted with eight pistons also contribute to the perfect balance of power felt in the drive and ride of the car.

What More Does the Bugatti Chiron Offer?
Other features of Bugatti’s new weapon include a carbon body, based around a new carbon-fibre chassis, resulting in a considerably lighter car; an adaptive suspension system and specially developed tyres all make for “an agile, modern Bugatti with handling that ensures maximum driving pleasure”.

The experience of seeing the Bugatti Chiron physically in the flesh is a pleasure on a whole new plain in itself; the bold design of many mixed curves and straight lines will be sure to stand out on the roads, along with the sculpted bonnet and low headlights. However, with only 500 models being manufactured, and 166 of those already claimed and bought, the Bugatti Chiron may be a rare sight for a while.

Bugatti has now released the paint finishing options available to buyers, ranging from a carbon-fibre black to a bright blue and white combination though the 31 interior upholstery design options have not yet been revealed.

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